Jennifer Sawyer

March 23, 2016

Genesis PURE™ Sharpens Innovation Focus
Company Launches new Whole Health Initiative.

(FRISCO, Texas)Genesis PURE, a leading innovator in health and wellness products, unveiled a new strategic focus at its PURE Energy Leadership Conference on March 17, 2016.

The company’s new focus is designed to help people experience Whole Health.

“When it comes to our health, we as a society, have gone off course. Nearly 70% of us are overweight or obese. This makes us prime candidates to acquire preventable chronic diseases, which further reduce our quality of life. We are expected to manage the symptoms of these chronic diseases with prescription drugs, and tolerate the unwanted side effects,” said Tony Solis, Director of Sales. “Given that chronic diseases are now responsible for 7 our of 10 deaths each year, we at Genesis PURE are encouraging everyone everywhere to rethink how they manage and improve their health.”

“For people to truly experience Whole Health, they need to get back to the basics – like getting adequate sleep, exercise and nutrition. If they make this important shift to a healthier lifestyle, many of their health concerns could improve. Getting the right amount of sleep, exercise and nutrition enables the human body to do what it does best – heal itself,” said Bobby Love, President of Genesis PURE. “We have set an ambitious course for ourselves as a company. Genesis PURE envisions a world free of obesity, preventable chronic disease and prescription drug dependence. We help people get back on the road to Whole Health by helping them address the root causes of their health problems, instead of suppressing the symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle.” 

Genesis PURE’s new tagline, "We Deliver Whole Health,” conveys the company’s proactive and disruptive approach to health and wellbeing. At the event, they announced the investment of significant resources to bring even more innovative products to market that help more and more people embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Whole Health is our way of maximizing the human potential. We’ve made it simple to rediscover how to live a balanced lifestyle, with the support of products and a community of people who share the same goals and values,” said Bobby Love.

About Genesis PURE
Genesis PURE helps customers meet a wide range of health and wellness goals. Our innovative nutrition, performance and beauty products help get people on the path back to Whole Health. Genesis PURE is an international company with offices in the USA, Japan and Korea, Taiwan and Costa Rica. For more information on Genesis PURE’s products, or to explore its business opportunity, visit